DIY Moana Costume

My girls love Moana and I knew I had to come up with my own costume for my oldest daughter to wear.

Of course, I used items I already had to make an inexpensive version of Moana’s outfit in the movie. I even made a cardboard oar to complete the costume.

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Valentine’s Day Potato Stamping

A classic idea of using potatoes as a stamp is used to make a heart painting for Valentine’s Day.

A perfect way for those little toddler hands to create.

potato stamping

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Blue Moon- July 31st, 2015

“Once in a Blue Moon”, just means it is uncommon. This Friday when you look up in the sky you will see a full moon. But will it appear blue?

blue moon 1

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Dr. Seuss Inspired Hand Crafts

Today is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday… celebrate by making some adorable inspired Seuss Crafts.

dr seuss

Get those little hands all full of finger paint and let’s make some happy paintings with Dr. Seuss characters.

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Kids Mushroom Seats

These kids mushroom seats are so easy to make for the perfect fairy tea party or picnic.
If you are not looking for anything super fancy or expensive these are perfect for outside play and an easy Momee craft for you.

10615535_10152628953297937_394730416710069026_n IMG_0940

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Water Experiments

Today we did some water fun experiments. Mia and I loved seeing what happened after each experiment.


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