Blue Moon- July 31st, 2015

“Once in a Blue Moon”, just means it is uncommon. This Friday when you look up in the sky you will see a full moon. But will it appear blue?

blue moon 1

This rare occurrence of having two full moons in one month is what makes this event so special. The last full moon appeared on July 2nd, 2015 and it will appear again Friday July 31st, 2015. According to NASA- Summer Blue Moon , Most Blue Moons look pale gray and white, just like the Moon you’ve seen on any other night.” In the article they do say that what can make the moon appear blue would be a volcanic eruption or summer wild forest fires. The moon may appear blue but it could appear red if the moon is hanging low.

Here are some fun facts about the Blue Moon:

blue moon There are two definitions of a blue moon. 1st definition is like previously stated it is the second full moon in a single month. The 2nd definition is that it is the third full moon in a season with four full moons. It is possible for one blue moon to fall under both categories. But, that makes it even more rare. 

blue moon Did you know that the last full moon was on August 31st, 2012?

blue moon “Because 31 is the reverse of 13, and Friday the 13th is also a rare event, blue moons that occur on Friday the 31st (like this week) bring about extra superstition. Interestingly, the blue moon in 2012 also occurred on a Friday.”- WBAB

blue moon The next “Blue Moon” will occur January 2018

Have your kids color in the moon image below found on Pinterest

–> click here

full moon

After you step outside at sunset on July 31st, look east and let’s see what color this “BLUE MOON” appears to be: Gray/ White, Blue or Red. Have your child color in the moon whatever color you see and date this rare occurrence!

 Any color that it appears to be it is pretty cool that there were two full moons this July.

From us at Momee Friends enjoy the Blue Moon!

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