DIY Aluminum Foil and Pan Costumes- News 12 Segment

You can create costumes like an Astronaut, Alien, viking and a Hershey Kiss with Aluminum Pans and Foil.

Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island) show you how to make your own costumes with items around your home and that are inexpensive to create.

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Salt Dough Ornaments

Once you see how easy it is to make your own homemade Salt Dough Ornaments you will be making these for all of your family and friends from your kids.

salt dough ornaments

See how easy it is. I suggest making the ornaments one day and painting them the next day.

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DIY Dirt Dino Eggs

Dinosaurs hidden in eggs… this is such a fun and inexpensive way to entertain the kids this summer.

diy dino eggs

Dinosaurs are so cool and ALL kids love them. Here is a simple way to hide miniature dinosaurs in dirt eggs that you make yourself.

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Apple Potato Hash

I love Apple Season and cooking with Apples.

Yesterday morning I made my family a delicious Apple Potato Hash and it was a successful dish I just had to share with all my fellow Momees.

applehashbookworms 012

All you need is:

 3 delicious Apples ( maybe ones you picked yourself )—-> Apple Picking on Long Island

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Make your own Wishing Stars

Dorothy McPartland Long Island author of Wishing Stars has this great, easy recipe for kids to make their own Wishing Stars.


How beautiful are these? and  they would look beautiful hanging in your child’s room.

“Let the love in your heart guide you to help make your greatest wishes come true!” – Dorothy McPartland

Want to make your own wishing stars?

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Glue + Salt + Water Colors = Lots of Fun

We had a Mommy play date yesterday at Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Center in Bayshore

the Kids and Momees had a great time playing and doing an art project I just had to share

Not only did the kids like it but the Momees loved it too ( so relaxing and therapeutic )


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