DIY Aluminum Foil and Pan Costumes- News 12 Segment

You can create costumes like an Astronaut, Alien, viking and a Hershey Kiss with Aluminum Pans and Foil.

Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island) show you how to make your own costumes with items around your home and that are inexpensive to create.

  1. Salt and Pepper is what Elizabeth and Anne are dressed as for a last-minute best friend, sibling or couples costume. Using an aluminum cake pan for the hat which is glued onto a headband with either white circles or black circles to differentiate between the salt and the pepper this costume is so simple to create. Safety Pin a white P made out of felt on a Black shirt for Pepper and a black S made out of felt on a white shirt and your costumes are complete.

  2. Astronaut Costumeis so fun to create and looks good on. First have your child dress in a grey long sleeve shirt and grey sweat pants then wrap your child’s bike helmet, knee pads and elbow pads in aluminum foil and add an American flag to the helmet.


    Using a cereal box and 2 water bottles wrapped in aluminum foil with a couple of other crafting supplies you can create the rocket jet pack. This adorable costume can be created using items you already have and will not ruin the items used.


I used red t-shirt material I had in my craft draw to make adjustable straps for the rocket jet pack. I hot glued the straps to the top of the box and then made slits in the bottom (see picture below) to put the bottom of the straps in and then it can be easily adjusted.


3. An Alien Costume- with an aluminum foil UFO.

Using Poster board and Aluminum Foil your UFO can be created.

I cut slits on each side of the “UFO” and bent the top of the aluminum foil poster board down to create a UFO looking shape. I folded the bottom upwards for the same effect. I then added a large strip of black t-shirt material to the front of the UFO to make a halter like strap that would be a good enough length to put your little alien into.

Add the accessories such a bright colored gloves, Saturn Pin and headband with pipe cleaner eyes and your adorable costume will be complete.


  • The Astronaut and Alien Costume can be a cute sibling and or couples costume idea.

  1. The Hershey Kiss- costume is made just out of poster board and aluminum foil. The hat is an aluminum foil covered military kids hat found at the dollar store with a white streamer attached. Simple and Sweet!


  1.  Viking- costume was created using just cardboard and aluminum foil. A fun costume idea for a boy or girl.

     I also, made the hat using the dollar store military hat I had found. I covered it in aluminum foil and then made aluminum foil horns for each side and attached them together using more aluminum foil.


The Cuffs were made with cardboard and some white t-shirt material. Again, the cardboard was covered in aluminum foil. I used the white t-shirt material to make the cuff tighter when it is on the wrist.



I used a wrapping paper roll and cardboard to make the Viking battle ax. This was also covered in aluminum foil. See pictures below for some directions. I made this off the top of my head and I took pictures each step of the way.


  1. Bath Time Costume- By wearing a shower cap, holding a long scrubber and adding a couple of rubber duckies your costume is complete.

    I made a “tub” made out of poster board and aluminum foil with white balloons attached to look like bubbles.


  1. Ninja Turtles- is a great group costume that is made simply out of roasting pans and t-shirt scraps. With the use of paints and some other crafty items your look can be completed. So inexpensive and makes for great pictures.



I painted the roasting pans and then added embellishments with foam board and stickers to make the shells of each turtle their own. I added light green t-shirt material to make the straps for each shell to stay on the child’s body without slipping off. I made them look like a backpack. 



The weapons are made out of cardboard tubes and aluminum foil.


The headbands and cuff bracelets are made with t-shirt material and velcro. I was going to have the eye masks but, they were not comfortable around the kids faces so we just twisted them up and made headbands. It does work making the mask with the t-shirt as you can see in the picture below but, my youngest daughter did not last with it on her face very long.

Your Ninja Turtles are complete!


**** Some of these costumes require using a Hot Glue Gun please make sure an adult uses the Hot Glue Gun when creating the costumes. The Hot Glue gets very hot and can cause serious burns if a child uses it. ****

News 12 DIY Halloween Costumes

Please tune into News 12 Long Island this morning for some fun DIY Costume ideas with one of our favorite local Momees, Elizabeth Hashagen. Why spend a lot of money on a costume when you can create a costume for little money, yourself. Which one is your favorite we would love to hear your input!

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