Banana Peanut Butter “Sushi” Rolls

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A yummy, healthy and easy snack to make for your little ones!

My daughter Mia loves this snack and so do we! I got inspired to make this creation by the Peanut Butter Boy‘s blog.

1 medium whole wheat tortilla
1 banana
Peanut Butter
Old Fashioned Oats

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Spread peanut butter on the whole wheat wrap.
Sprinkle the old fashioned oats on top of the peanut butter
Peel Banana and cut off pointed ends, then put on top of wrap as shown in the picture

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Roll the banana and wrap to make the roll there will be a little excess just cut that off!

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Cut your roll into pieces

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Place them on plate and enjoy… Serve with chopsticks for some extra fun!

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