Bunny Bean Bags

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Have an unmatched sock and not sure what to do with it? Make a bunny beanbag toy with your child! It’s so easy and inexpensive. All the supplies can be found at your local dollar store.

What You Need:
1 bag of Dried beans ( any type : black, pinto, lentil, etc…)
2 rubber bands
Pom Pom
Hot glue gun – on hand
Scissors – on hand

Put dried beans into sock once the sock is 1/3 full tie with a rubber band ( this will be the bottom half of the bunny). Start filling the sock another 1/3 of the way again tie with a rubber band ( this will be the bunny head). With the remainder of the sock cut straight down the middle own to the rubber band at the top of the bunny head! This will make the bunnies ears (an ankle sock will leave short ears that will stand up and a tube sock will leave long floppy ears that hang down) trim the length of the ears if you like with your scissors. Then, finally! Time for All the finishing touches! Pick the color Pom Pom you like and use your hot glue gun to put it on back of the lower half of the bunny for a tail. Then use ribbon to tie a bow around the neck of your bunny and cut out whatever shapes you will like for eyes and glue felt on for the nose!

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Enjoy your bean bag bunny!

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