How many snacks do we eat each day?

My kids are always asking for a snack! As a result, I always have a snack.
Snacking is okay but, are we making the healthier snack choice? And, how often are we snacking?

As a parent we walk around the house we pass the counter and if there is a dish of cookies or chips we would put our hand in grab one or two and keep moving, without even thinking about it. Then, that one cookie turns into two, three or even four cookies. Imagine how many calories we are eating and not realizing it.

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Life Hacks: Traveling in Cars with Kids

Summer is approaching. This means warm weather, sunshine, vacations to tropical destinations (or Disney World), and long road trips to get there with the kids. Do you ever feel like your vacation is the reward and the road trip itself is all of the obstacles you have to power through in order to achieve it? Whether you’re spending four hours or fourteen in the car, doing it with kids can be quite the feat. It’s best not to look at road tripping as a brick wall between you and a white, sandy beach somewhere, but rather to see it as an awesome activity for the whole family! Here are a few family road trip hacks to help keep you from pulling your hair out and to have as stress-free and fun a car ride as possible!

summer car

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Take a Bite Out of Healthy with Chobani

Chobani is encouraging everyone to “crunch the numbers” by dedicating themselves to living life a little lighter. Whether it’s 100 more stairs a day or 100 fewer calories, how do you plan to stay healthy this year? Simple changes will make huge difference in how you feel.


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Shark Week and Crafts

Shark Week begins tonight at 8pm on Discovery Channel!

We love the chance to craft and with a theme that is fun as sharks I had to share some great shark ideas I found with all of you.

shark week photo

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Easy DIY Baked Tortilla Chips

Make Easy DIY Baked Tortilla Chips in two simple steps!

tortilla chips

These chips are nice and crispy and they taste so delicious- NO NEED TO FRY THEM!

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New Year’s Eve Dessert / Snack Ideas

RING IN THE NEW YEAR with some yummy desserts and snacks that the whole family can enjoy!

All of these family friendly ideas can be found on my Pinterest Board  New Year’s Eve Fun —> click here

I could not resist pinning any of these great ideas by fellow pinners and bloggers! I think you will enjoy these as much as I did! I can not wait to get started making these awesome goodies for New Year’s Eve.

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Halloween Lunchbox Ideas

My daughter loves when her food in her lunchbox is fun and she can show it to her friends at school. Here are some cute ideas to make your child’s lunch fun too.


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