Crafty Birds Nest

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Finally,it’s spring!!

One of my favorite signs of spring is when the birds start chirping and building their nests! Try making this birds nest, complete with a cute bird family, with your little one!!

What You Need:

Paper or styrofoam plate
Google eyes
Foam pieces
Easter grass

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First Step:
Cut your plate in half. Then have your little one color both halves of the plate.

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Second Step:
Cut your foam pieces to make the bodies of the birds and cut 3 triangles out of yellow foam to make your bird beaks.

Third Step:
Glue the google eyes and beaks onto the birds

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Fourth Step:
Staple the plates together, and then glue the birds to the back plate having them facing foward and far enough so that you can see them looking out of the nest. ( as shown in title picture)

Fifth Step:
Place Easter grass into the two plates and have it look messy looking for a natural looking birds nest. Then hang up your adorable spring creation!

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