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Does your child give you a hard time when it comes to ” changing time”? The wiggling, wrestling around, kicking the feet all over the place with the worst ever poop diaper?!? Well, this has happened to me so many times that I needed a solution. 

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What You Need:
Construction paper
Your child’s favorite photos ( Printed mine off the computer)
A picture of your little one
Hole puncher

What a great way to make something for your child while including all his or her favorite things! My 20 month old daughter Mia loves Disney so I included pictures of Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Sofia the First, and Doc McStuffins. I also added pictures of Mia as a baby, her kitty Norman and of course Mommy and Daddy!

Cut the construction paper in half and allow your child to participate by giving them crayons to color the pages themselves. Mia loves to color and was very willing to help!

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Once she colored the pages, I then cut the images and glued them on.

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I then made a cover page that reads: My Changing Time Book and put Mias’ picture on the front. I put two holes on the side of all of the pages and then tied 2 pieces of ribbon through the holes (the ribbon will also be a fun distraction as you change them)!

You now have your changing time book!!

It may not be the best looking book, but it’s beautiful because it was made with love and most importantly… it works wonders! Mia loves it! I only let her look at it when I change her, which is key! If you only let them look at it when you change them it is something to look foward to and it makes our lives a little easier during those really bad poopy diapers that take a little more time!

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Let me know how it works for you : )

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