Find the Easter Bunny Game

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Here’s a fun game for kids of all ages!  Find the Easter bunny first in your bag, but it won’t be easy!  You have to find him inside the easter grass and there are a couple of other images in there too to throw you off!

What You Need:
Brown paper bags
Easter grass
Print out of Easter bunny ( same size)
White copy paper
stickers ( optional )

Get your brown paper bags and write ‘find the Easter bunny’ on them.

Then cut out the same size Easter bunny images and fold them in half to put into the brown paper bags.

You can’t make it so simple so the extra copy paper is to make other images the same size as the Easter bunny to make it a little harder to find! I put stickers of eggs, flowers, butterflies and carrots on the copy paper and cut them out to put into the bag.

Once you have your images cut up, place one Easter bunny image and 2 other images in the brown paper bag.

To add fun and make it a little difficult, add some fun colored Easter grass inside the bag.mommyblog1 056mommyblog1 057

You are now ready to play! Hand each child their own bag and show them the Easter Bunny image that they have to find. All at once tell them to open their bags and ” Find the Easter Bunny” the first to find him is the winner!

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