Glitter Water Bottle

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What kid doesn’t love water bottles? Make them even more fun! This project is so simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes!

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What You Need:
Full Water bottle ( remove label )
Hot glue gun

Empty out water bottle a little bit then add glitter to the water. You can also cut some ribbons and curl them for even more fun inside the bottle! Once you’ve reached your desired amount of glitter, test it out by shaking it up (with the cap on of course!). Then use your hot glue gun to seal the bottle shut so those baby muscles don’t open the bottle up!

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This can also serve as a relaxing activity or serve as a visual “anchor” in order to bring a child’s focus into one place. It has a very calming effect to it.

A great sensory activity for your child!

Voila! A glitter water bottle thats safe and full of fun for your little one!

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