Butterfly Snack Bags

It’s springtime and soon the butterflies will be out flying around and catching your child’s eyes as they pass by. Why not make a colorful butterfly clothes pin to put on their favorite snack.

butterfly snacks 004

What you will need:

Clothes pins ( I got a pack of 36 from the dollar store)


Sandwich bags

pipe cleaners

google eyes

hot glue gun

Get all of your supplies together and paint your clothes pins any colors you want

butterfly snacks 001

Once the paint is dry, then add your google eyes by hot glueing them to the clothes pin and then add the pipe cleaner for the antenna

butterfly snacks 002

then fill your sandwich bag with your childs favorite snack and make the butterfly wings : )

butterfly snacks 003

If you want to add some fun to your spring table incorporate flowers in a basket and put your butterfly snacks on display till your child is ready to snack

butterfly snacks 004
I was inspired by Petit Foodie: http://www.petitfoodie.com/butterfly-snack-packs/  where she had made these adorable snack bags

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