Peep Smores

You have the Graham, you have the chocolate and the mallow and then you top it with another graham … but what if you replace that mallow with a peep for Easter?

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You get an amazingly easy delicious Easter treat! I got the idea from

All you need is:

Peeps ( any color you want) … I suggest a variety of colors if you are having a party so the colors pop on your dessert table

Hersheys Milk Chocolate bars

Graham Crackers

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Once you have all of your ingredients :

Make a smore but replace the marshmallow with a peep! When you are making a smore in your microwave make sure to only put the smore in for about 8 secods anymore the peep will explode!

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When you are done you will have a delicious treat in less than 2 minutes… ENJOY!

mommyblog1 016Yummy peep smores!

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