Momee Friend Easter Egg Hunt

In my opinion one of the highlights of my Easter memories when I was growing up was an Easter egg hunt! Those memories will be with our children for a lifetime. Why not get your momee friends together and have your own easter egg hunt in your backyard! Mia was so excited to have her friends over …

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Here is a picture of my backyard before the easter egg hunt! I put out all if my outside toys because I had kids coming over for the hunt from age 3 months to 9 years old. I sent out my Momee friends invitations that I made on the computer (nothing fancy!) and asked if they could bring an Easter inspired treat. It was helpful and not too stressful on me.

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Before the party I made some cute treats like chocolate bunny lollipops, Peanut butter sandwiches in the shapes of bunnies and chicks by using cookie cutters and I made sure the decor was festive ( I even tried to make the utensils look like carrots ) I got that creative idea from but they did not come out as well as theirs did. Maybe you will be more successful : )

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At the easter egg hunt I was expecting a wide range of ages coming to my house for the egg hunt. So I made sure I put non choking hazard items in the eggs for the younger kids. I also eliminated the candy idea and instead put in fun jewelry, tattoos, stickers and cheerios, gerber puffs and other yummy snacks that fit inside the plastic eggs.

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The kids had an amazing time collecting the eggs and Mia loved her Easter playdate.  As you can see Mia is looking inside the bag at all of her goodies and the day was a success. If you can create fun Easter memories with your kids and invite your neighbors or local Momee friends over and have an egg hunt!

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