Lets talk about nap routines…

Routines, routines , routines! Do you live by the clock? Do you have your child on a strict schedule? How important is routine and do you stress about it in your everyday lives?

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A question that I get asked all the time is: Does Mia nap throughout the day?

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My answer is: some days she does some days she doesn’t. Most of the time she does but she takes a nap when she is tired I dont force a certain nap time. I believe in routine but I also feel when a child is tired they will sleep and if we have something to do I am not going to miss it over a nap, unless she is already asleep.  Mia is 20 months now and she use to routinely nap and a few months ago she stopped and I didnt force it.

Once I reply with the answer above: The person will then give me a strange look ( maybe give a roll of the eyes) and then they say that they have a strict nap time for their child and don’t know what they would do if they did not have this strict nap schedule.

My questions is: Am I the only one who doesn’t force a routine nap?

I would love to have lots of input on this subject!

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  1. I believe in naps and routine and structure… but I also believe in being spontaneous, having fun and being messy and unorganized sometimes too 🙂 You know your child best! The eye rollers can keep rolling their eyes!

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