Product Review: Imaginarium Alphabet & Numerals 36 Ft. Foam Puzzle Mat

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We love our ABC and number playmats!

This product is recommended for children ages 3&up and is great to prevent from falls!

They have so many uses:

*We put them together and learn our abc’s and numbers 0 through 9.

*This mat can also be used to provide extra cushion on a wooden floor.

*On a nice day you can put these on the grass for your little one who is learning tummy time or for your newly crawling little one.

*And as your kids get older there is still use for these mats… Don’t have chalk? Or is it raining outside? Make a hopscotch with the # mats.

We love using them to play hopscotch inside : )

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Available for purchase for$34.95 via Amazon.

Who else has these mats? Any other ideas I didn’t think of?

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