Animal Popsicle Sticks

Kids love puppets, animals and sticks… this craft has all 3 of these combined : )

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Inspiration of this craft came from Make and Takes

In order to make your Animal Popsicle Sticks you will need:

Popsicle Sticks



Wiggly Eyes

Foam Board or Felt ( different colors)

Buttons ( different colors)

Hot glue gun

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Now its time to get creative ( use my pictures to make your fun animals )

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When using the hot glue gun and small parts ( like google eyes) be cautious of small children and doing this craft

When these were all dry Mia could not get enough of these! The joy these brought her made this crafting Momee a happy woman!

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I hope your kids love these Animal Popsicle Sticks as much as my daughter and I do

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