Lollacup – Product Review

An idea made by a set of parents is the Lollacup

And if you think you have seen this cup on television you are right! Yes, this is the cup seen on ABC’s Shark Tank and that’s what got me to buy it!

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The presentation on Shark Tank hooked me in and I had to get one so I went to and purchased one

I could not resist the cute bird cup. What kid would not be attracted to how cute this cup is? and I was ready for Mia to use a better sippy cup.

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The pros about this cup are:

1. It is a green product made in the U.S

2. The straw reaches the bottom of the cup and the straw has a weight on the bottom that the remaining liquid will be sipped up instead of leaving some liquid behind like most sippy cups do.

3. It is so cute and comes in a variety of colors

4. It is for the most part leak proof

5. It is made to be cleaned the right way ( it comes with a special brush for the straw itself )

The negatives:

1. If your child is not old enough to realize that the cup should not be flipped over then you will have a mess from the liquid that will empty out.

But lets be honest, what straw wouldn’t leak if turned upside down.

2. The one cup is $17.01

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But overall, I feel the Lollacup is worth the money and is great for a toddler ! I like the cup very much and would purchase another one in the future and Mia seems to like it.

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