Momee Bathroom Time

Who knew that being in the bathroom alone was a luxury till you had kids


This is my Momee Rant!

 I feel like I have not gone to the bathroom in peace since Mia started walking. I have to go to the bathroom with the door open because if I don’t she pounds on the door whining for me ( and lets be honest that is not peaceful ). As she is in the bathroom she pulls the toilet paper off the roll and opens all the drawers and cabinet doors and takes everything out. AHHHHHHHH!

Also I feel when I go to the bathroom it is time for her to need something. It never fails…

Momee poll: Who else feels like bathroom time is a luxury now that you have a child? 

Feedback please!

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2 thoughts on “Momee Bathroom Time

  1. Bathroom time ? Whats that ? You mean that room where i run in sit & pee as fast as i can because my 2 year old is right behind me and suddenly has dropped his car behind the couch , needs juice and wants yogurt ? Lol
    oh and locking the door doesnt help ! Who wants to ” Go ” with a kid screaming outside the door ?

    1. Heather I am glad I am not alone with being a marathon peeing Momee…
      These kids have bathroom radar too… She could be playing and if I step into the bathroom she’s right behind me

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