Momee Poll: Baby Names

When naming your child did you pick a name that:

1. was meaningful

2. was retro and classic

3. was unique and inventive

4. was right out of the latest book of baby names (top of that year your baby was born)

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13 thoughts on “Momee Poll: Baby Names

  1. Part meaningful and original to the family. We have no Logan’s and Anthony is his great grandpas middle name! Plus, it was the only boy name we actually agreed on considering we both had different names each than Logan. Girl names was an easy agreement 😉

  2. Retro & classic and traditional ! Giuliana and its spelling is a very traditional Italian name like my husband wanted. I myself am more retro and wanted something fun and timeless like ” Violet ” . So we compromised ! Giuliana Violet was born !

  3. As for me the name Mia was more of a name that mike and I came up with and it just clicked her middle name rose came from a family member dear to my heart that passed and also my friend Kady had the middle name rose and I always loved it. Especially when she would use a picture of a rose to signify her middle name between her first and last.

  4. Unique,wanted a name no one I know has,several of my friends had boys at same time n wanted something different

  5. My husband and I couldnt agree on a girls name until I mentioned Taylor. I love that its ambiguous and could be a girl or a boys name and its not used very often. Her middle is Emily which is my middle name and my mom’s middle. I always knew that would be my first girl’s middle- for tradition 🙂 My son is Logan and thats a family name as well. My great grandfathers first name, grandfathers middle, and my bro’s middle (and 3 of my cuz’s middles) were all Logan. Logan’s middle is Charles-thats also my husband’s middle and his dad and grandfathers first. Love passing family names down!

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