Earth Day Craft: Piggy Bank

Earth Day is Monday April 22nd, 2013

Make some fun Earth Day crafts with your family…

Recycle and Reuse : Do you have empty 2 liter bottles handy in your recycle bins?

Then make your kids a cute Piggy Bank with their help

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All you need for this craft is:

 an empty 2 liter bottle

pink paint ( I used glass paint) so we can still see the coins through the bottle

Googley eyes

Pink foam pieces

 1 pink pipe cleaner

 Pink wooden beads

Hot Glue Gun

 Utility Knife

First step is to cut a slit on the top of the pig ( where you will insert the coins)

Second, you will paint the bottle pink

Next, once the paint dries hot glue the pipe cleaner tail on the back of the bottle and glue on the eyes ad make triangle ears that you will glue on as well.

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Next, take your 4 beads ( that are the same size ) and put them on the bottom as feet and that the pig will stand up and not roll off the surface where it will stay till you are ready to fill the piggy up with change : )

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Once it is dry let your little one feed the piggy with their spare change

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Shown below just like her Momee, Mia wanted that money out once she put it in the bank to go shopping : )

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