Preschool Necessary?

I recieved an email from a local Momee friend:

” My son is 4 years old and has not been in school yet. A lot of my friends put their children in preschool at the age of 3 or once they have gone on the potty. My son is potty trained and I am debating whether or not to put him in preschool in September or just waiting till the year after for when he goes to kindergarten. I am home with him all the time ( I am a stay at home mom ). What should I do? My husband and I have been debating what is best… Opinions please?”

Fellow Momee Friends what do you think she should do…

Is Preschool Necessary?

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10 thoughts on “Preschool Necessary?

  1. As a early childhood teacher I think preschool is very important for more reasons than one. Not so much for reading and writing but for socialization and learning expectations in a school setting. The first few weeks are tough for all kindergarteners but imagine giving them a dry run for an entire year. Learning how to follow directions, raise there hands, follow schedules are difficult tasks for all early learners. Preschool helps children learn to do these things as well as develop friend ships and probably learn how to spell their name and identify letters and numbers. So to cut to the point if you can I would send your son even if its just two days a week.

  2. I, personally, waited until my kids were 4 and sent them to the school district Pre K program, which at the time, was 2 days a week. Some people chose to send their kids to private preschool at 3, and/or supplement PreK at 4 with a private program. As a mom and an educator, I believe that unless the preschool is part of the district, and if your child is getting to socialize with other kids his age, you can wait until Kindergarten. A lot of times private preschools are glorified day care centers and all they are good for is socialization anyway. On the other hand, if you are not expecting any academic benefits, and think he would enjoy spending the time with other kids, check some places out…. Best choice-district PreK.

  3. Preschool is important, as Heather says, not for the academic skills but for the socialization and exploration of a child. You don’t have to put your child in preschool for the entire week if you aren’t comfortable with that, or can’t afford that (as we all know that preschool and day care are quite expensive these days) but there should be some time that you can allow for your son to get to preschool. It not only prepares him for kindergarten but it increases his socialization and awareness of others and may decrease his anxiety of school next year if he has friends in his class from preschool. BTW…I’m also a early intervention teacher, as well as a general and special education teacher (birth-6th grade) so I have experience with this and am not just giving you my personal opinion. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. I don’t know the child or parents, but generally I feel that staying home with mom for another year suits many personalities and give more time to those special years of mom ‘n kiddo. Whatever the decision, stand behind it and don’t look back or feel bad about it! 🙂

  5. My daughter goes to a childminder 1 and a half days a week (as I work) and now she is ready for nursery. She is 3.5 and needs/wants to play and chat to littlies of her own age. If I could stay at home full time – would I send her? I’m not sure. She sees little friends with me so has the opportunity to socialise. Perhaps when she gets close to school I would want her to go to pre school as I think 5 full days could be a shock to the system. A few mornings/days would be a good gentle ease up to school days.

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