Holtsville Ecology Center

Today (April 22nd, 2013- Earth Day ) Mia and I went with a couple of friends to the Ecology Center to play at the playground and see the animals.

It is one of our favorite places with plenty of things to do there.

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There are so many things to do here and it is free and open to the public ( but donations are appreciated )

My family loves it here and we will continue to go and support such a great site.

We first went to the playground at the ecology center which is huge and so much fun…. Mia loves the baby swings : )

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Then we went to the Animal Preserve to see all the animals. What I love about this preserve is these animals are being taken care of and are in a safe environment after being injured and can not return to the wild.

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When you first enter the preserve you are greeted by some hungry goats, a smiling camel and an American Buffalo.

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You will also see Deer, Minature horses, Bear, and Donkeys.

There are so many animals: Red Fox, Bobcat, Eagles, Chickens, Peacocks, Pigs, Cows and Turtles. A great place for kids and adults to visit in their neighborhood : )

Not only is there a playground and animal preserve but there is also greenhouses, picnic areas, gardens and a 1.2 walking/ jogging trail

Great place to visit I love the Holtsville Ecology Center and so will you.

Located at : 249 Buckley Road in Holtsville, NY 11742

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5 thoughts on “Holtsville Ecology Center

  1. Aw!! I grew up in Holtsville, and spent so much time at the Ecology center through my childhood and adolescence. Browsing around on wordpress for earth day posts I found this and it was so nice to see the place I consider home featured heret! Thank you for making this post, you brought a smile to my day 🙂

    1. It is an amazing place and I hope it never gets shut down for budget cuts I know they were thinking about it last year. I love this place and I am glad it made you smile…my daughter loves it and it is truly an amazing ecological center on Long Island.

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