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As our kids get older we transition them from bottles to sippy cups and as they get older we no longer want them to use pacifiers or suck on their thumbs. But, breaking these habits can be difficult and can be hard to break. So I came up with this Momee Poll:

What was the harder thing to break your child from using: the bottle, the pacifier or sucking their thumb?

Mia is 21 months and I had no issues with getting rid of the bottle and she loved sippy cups instead. She never sucked her thumb so I never had to try and break that. But she loves her “Soothie” ( pacifier) and Pluto stuffed animal to sleep with. This is going to be a hard one to break.

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12 thoughts on “Momee Poll: Breaking Habits

  1. It’s going to be a sad day to try and break my son from his ” blank – blank ” . He carries it with him everywhere he goes . I have to sneak it away to wash it. =( I’m in no hurry since he’s only two.

  2. Brayden is 16 months and his binky is attached to him,this is going to be hard,we’ve tried and he will not sleep and scream and Brayden sleeps his life away!! N Brayden rather go thirsty than drink sippy,he likes solo cups instead lol

    1. I know that binky is literally attached to him lol and if I have Mia a solo cup she would try and talk into it because we use them as telephones with string attached to play telephone lol

  3. I hate to say this but Joseph is 3 and had bad sleeping problems and night terrors and there is nothing we can do to help except for maybe a bottle in the middle of the night ! He never ever ask or has it any Other time it’s like he’s off except at night when he’s crying and scared screaming , so I don’t know what to do until he’s old enough for more testing

    1. Melissa.. As parents we need to find solutions. Do not feel embarrassed.. We have to go with what works sometimes. I am sorry to hear that he has night terrors. That is awful for him and you xoxox

  4. My son was ok from breast to bottle and then bottle to sippy cup. I was sated it would be bad but he just went with the flow. As far as pacifiers, he would not take one (which sucked at times since I would always try if he was fussy an if he would have took it he probably woul have calmed down). When I was little- I had my pacifier until I was 4! I can’t believe my parents allowed that but I eventually have it up. Haha

  5. Lol… 4 is old to have a smoothie but you probably loved it and your parents could not imagine taking it from you : ) not taking the pacifier may of been a blessing in disguise that it can be hard to break . As far as the bottle I thought it would be hard but not many fellow Momees say it had been an issue

  6. The bottle was our difficult thing! Logan gave up his binky pretty easily, but he loved his baba until 2.5. Even though he used sippy cups during the day, come evening time, he only wanted his bottle. Now we have an issue of getting rid of the sippy cups. He can drink out of regular cups, but he still likes the comfort of his sippy cups. Hopefully one day soon πŸ™‚

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