Paint a Tree with a Bottle

When I saw this idea… I though perfect an Arbor Day Craft and its also the week of Earth Day so I am reusing a 2 liter bottle : )

I call this project a 2fer : )

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I had seen this idea on We Heart It

All you need is some paper, 1 tube of brown paint, 1 tube of pink paint, a paintbrush and an empty 2 liter bottle ( from your recycle bin ) : )

When I saw this I was like how cool… and the bottom of the bottle looks just like a flower… something I never realized before.

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All you have to do is cover the bottom with the pink paint I used a paper dish to hold the paint in.

After my branches and tree trunk were dry that I drew on the paper I then started to add my flowers…

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*** I had to use my paintbrush to manipulate the leaves to be a little more petal shaped and I also had to add the center dot***

But overall a fun project and I am sure your kids will love painting with the bottom of bottles and I think its a great idea : )


HAPPY ARBOR DAY from my little Mia and I

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