Mias’ First time at Chuck E Cheese

We went to our first Chuck E Cheese party today. I have not been there in at least 15 years so did not really remember it too much.

Until we got there and then it all came back to me: Arcade games, kids running around, pizza and Chuck E. himself…

chuckecheeseparty 020

Mia had a blast and did not stop moving the while time. There was a lot of games for the kids to play and all the kids seemed to have a great time. The little boy whose birthday it was really loved it there and for a 6 year old I could definitely see why. Mia being 21 months old she loved it just as much. The difference between the 6 year old and Mia is you do not even have to put a coin in the machine for her to like the game. The concept of tickets and prizes is not there yet.

She loved the arcade games…

chuckecheeseparty 017 chuckecheeseparty 011 chuckecheeseparty 014 chuckecheeseparty 028

and what surprised me the most was her reaction to Chuck E. Cheese himself… some kids like him some are afraid.

Today, Mia loved him and she danced along with him too

chuckecheeseparty 021 chuckecheeseparty 023

Overall.. we had a great Chuck E. Cheese experience. So I am guessing this will be the first of many birthday parties we will be attending : )

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