Momee Friend Origami Owl Party

How great are these lockets?

I am obsessed so I had to throw a party with all of you fellow Momee Friends…


These are the hottest trend and with Mothers Day coming up… I just had to

Now shopping for these are so much fun. You pick the locket and accessorize it to make it personal. Add charms and Voila its your own locket.


Origami owl has a lot of new products too…

like these tags


and their amazing lockets


These are great gifts too… there are plenty of women in your life who would love these: mom, aunt, grandma, sister, teacher, boss, co-worker,  the list can go on and on…

buy yours today!

If you want it by Mothers Day time is running out and you may even have to pick another shipping method (shown below) so it arrives in time!


Thank you so much and I hope you love the Origami Owl Jewelry line as much as I do…

please go to

****and click on SHOP and when you go to your shopping cart and at checkout there is a Jewelry bar information section and there please click the arrow down to MomeeFriends 4/26****

Contest: Thank you for being a part of my party and every order placed under my party will be in the running to win an added on bonus to your order.

I will announce the winner once the party is closed and all orders are in… Thank you everyone!

Happy Mothers Day fellow Momee Friends xxoxoxxo

and if you want to host your own party please contact Pat from and tell her Anne from Momee Friends recommended you.

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