Baby on the Move … Shoes?

I received an email from a local Momee whose son is on the move early, ( he is only 8 months old ).

She heard that it may be best to leave them with no shoes on and let him cruise.

ย She always has him in socks or barefoot. But, she wants to know:


“Any advice on baby shoes that are good for early walkers?”

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3 thoughts on “Baby on the Move … Shoes?

  1. Soft bottom shoes are the best in all the articles I have read ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck

  2. The white stride rite shoes,they size your child’s foot correctly,they are expensive but are great for them,they are the same shoes I had when I was a baby as well as same shoes my mother had as a baby,

  3. Both my kids used stride rites when we left the house. But at home the best way is barefeet. They are able to feel so much better.

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