Yarn Monsters

Kids will love these and they are so fun and easy to make

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My Mom and I use to make these all the time as a kid.

I love them they are so fun and a childhood memory that I want Mia to have with me too

Crafting as a kid does become great memories when you get older : )

All you need is:

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Hot Glue Gun

Yarn ( any color )

Google Eyes

5 inch x 4 inch piece of cardboard

First: Take your yarn and put the first piece of yarn to the bottom of the cardboard (as shown below)

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Then wrap the yarn around the cardboard once and then again ( so there will be two layers of yarn)

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Then start to take the yarn and pull it off to one side

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Pull completely off put keep it together

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Then cut another piece of string off about 10 inches long and put it through the opening of the yarn and tie a bow

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Now cut the bottom (as shown below)

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and then hot glue your google eyes on

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Now, you have made your yarn monster.

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