Re Play Sippy Cups

A Spill Free Sippy Cup that actually is Spill Proof

and is a recyclable item made out of milk jugs and made in the USA : )

I love Green Products!

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I was walking through Walmart and saw these and I had to give them a try. The packaging caught my eye.

I am so sick of cups that leak when Mia just drops them wherever she pleases. I usually find them when I see a huge wet spot on the rug or couch or floor.

Not anymore these bright colored sippy cups that kids will love ( Mia definitely did) are great!

So easy to clean as well and very durable.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE SIPPY CUPS and they are so affordable. Head to your local Walmart and pick them up… you will be happy you did!

ice cream 015

Perfect cup for a child on the move… like Mia : )


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  1. love this! you should be paid for advertising! i will be giving these a try : )

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