Salami Breadstick Appetizer

Delicious and very addicting snack that your kids will love to help you make.

I make these for all of my family and friend gatherings and I seem to never make enough because everyone loves them.

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All you need is:
Genoa Salami Sliced Thin
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Whole Wheat or Plain Sesame Breadsticks

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First, take your breadstick and put cream cheese on it. (It doesn’t have to be on the entire breadstick).


Then, wrap the salami around the breadstick and cream cheese. You have now made your Salami Stick Appetizer.


You can eat them right after you make them or put in an airtight container like a ziplock and refrigerate them. When they are not refrigerated they are crispier the longer they are in the fridge the softer the breadstick gets.
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Delicious either way and your family will be hooked. Enjoy!

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