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Cheri is a local Momee Friend who makes adorable creations and is the owner of Caly’s Creations. Not only is she a crafty Momee but Cheri is a busy Momee with 2 little girls; Alyssa (2 years old), and Caitlyn ( 14 months).

Her husband is an active lieutenant in the Navy and has been serving our country for the past 11 years.

A lot of her creations are perfect for military kids, with amazing parents who fight for our freedoms each day.

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I love all of her creations:

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She makes adorable shirts with matching bows

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Her swing back sets are perfect for hot summer days.

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And she also makes these adorable infant size shoes and cute summer dresses. I love them all and I am sure you will too.

Check out all of her work on Facebook: Caly’s Creations

or buy her items through Etsy

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