Author Spotlight: Darren Sardelli

Darren Sardelli is the author of the award winning book, Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie (School Poems That Are Out of This World).


Darren also owns his own book publishing company Laugh-A-Lot Books that he started in 2009. That is the same year he published hos first book: Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie (School Poems That Are Out of This World). He is a poet who makes kids and adults laugh with his humorous poems.

He is a motivational speaker and loves to do kids assemblies and interact with the kids as he makes them smile and laugh as he reads his poems.

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I chose to do an author spotlight with Darren because when I met him he was so charismatic and the kids seemed to click with him instantly. He has a great way of interacting with kids and making them smile. I met Darren at the Literacy Luau- Connetquot Highschool and knew I had to tell all of you Momees about him and his poetry.

I interviewed Darren and learned a lot about him when he was a kid he was a typical boy living on Long Island who loved to play sports like wrestling and ice hockey. He did not like schoolwork as much as a kid and even when he went to college. When he went to college he first wanted to be a biology major and then he became a business major. He did not discover his talent for poetry writing till after he graduated college and he started to discover himself and what he wanted to do with his life.

My interview questions with Darren Sardelli:

1. What made you realize that writing poems and making this your passion and career?

Darren: ” It wasn’t till after college that I realized that I loved writing poems. In 2003 I went to my first writers convention and saw Monte Schulz speak. ( Yes, Monte Schulz is the son of the late Charles M. Schulz,creator of Peanuts)

I learned from him that I need to write in perfect rhythm in order to keep kids interested in what I am writing. I took what he said to heart and worked on my poems and 1 year later I got my first poem published.”

2. When was your first published poem published?

Darren: ” I was first published in 2004. My first published poems can be found in Rolling in the Aisles: a collection of laugh-out-loud poems (Meadowbrook Press, 2004). In this book, you’ll find hilarious poems about pets, teachers, food, holidays, and sports.”

*** Darren shared a great story with me that I just have to share with all of you: in April of 2004 he went to a book signing on April Fools Day of poet/author Bruce Lansky. At the book signing he introduced himself and he told Bruce Lansky that he was a poet too and writes some really great, funny poems. Funnier than any other poet. Bruce Lansky smiled and said, “oh yeah then read me one” He read his poem to him and there was a little boy drinking milk and when Darren had completed reading his poem the little boy laughed so hard his milk shot out of his nose. Bruce Lansky thought that was great and continued to ask him to read some poems out loud. Later on, Bruce Lansky told him about Rolling in the Aisles: a collection of laugh-out-loud poems and he would love to put 2 of Darren’s poems in the book.***

This story he shared with me was so inspirational and I loved it so much that I can see why kids would love him and how he would be a great motivational speaker. Not only was his poems included in this book with Bruce Lansky but a few others as well.

3. What made you start doing school assemblies?

Darren: ” I began doing school assemblies in 2004. I love entertaining kids and motivating them to think in a different direction. Poetry can be fun and exciting.”

Here is a link to one of Darren’s assemblies:

All Momees once you see this video you will love to have your kids at one of his assemblies and they will love it too. Share with your teachers and have Darren at your school.

4. What book inspires you the most?

Darren: ” The book Falling Up: Poems and Drawings  by Shell Silverstein”


It was a pleasure to have a one on one interview with Darren. I was inspired after speaking with him and he even shared with me a poem you can find in his book Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie:

Parent-Teacher Conference


At the parent-teacher conference,

my father made a scene.

He scared my fifth-grade teacher

with his mask from Halloween.


She showed him all my science grades

and said she was concerned,

but he just stuck his tongue out

when my teacher’s back was turned.


He drew a monster on the board

and claimed it was her twin.

He even shook her soda,

which exploded on her chin.


My angry teacher crossed her arms

and said, “This meeting’s done!

I now see where he gets it from—

you act just like your son!”

Copyright © Darren Sardelli All Rights Reserved

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