Product Review- “Knot Genie”

I have been searching for the best brush to help me with Mia’s hair. She hates to have her hair brushed and at 22 months she screams “No No No” when I go to brush it.

Until I purchased a Knot Genie and I am so glad I did.

Knot-Genie Knot_Genie_Group_Alone

Mia now likes to brush her own hair… Yes brush her own hair! At 22 months old this kid can be a tough cookie and she knows what she wants. She has been brushing her teeth on her own and now each morning we have added brushing our hair to the ” on our own to the list ” as well.

 ” A product that helped to not only detangle but increase children’s independence. A brush that was so effective yet gentle that even children with sensory issues wanted to use it.”  Knot Genie Website

funmia 011 funmia 014 funmia 004

It may look messy from the pictures shown but her hair is detangled and smooth… she even loves to keep it on her head because it will stick into her hair when it is half up half down… she leaves it on top of her head until she wants to brush her hair again. This kid is too much.

funmia 009 funmia 010

“A product that has gone from a means to help children to one that adults and hair styling professionals can’t live without. All because a smart and caring mom stepped up and wanted to make a difference” Knot Genie Website

I love this product for myself too, I hate to brush my hair because it is so thick and a lot of brushes can break the ends of your hair. Since using the Knot genie myself I see a huge difference.

Order yours today! I highly recommend it and by looking at Mia’s face I now you can tell there are no tears here when brushing her hair anymore : )

Order through the Knot Genie Website or through Amazon.

The brushes come in 2 sizes: Knot Genie or TEENY GENIE Mini.

Mia is using the Knot genie with no problems , but I may get her the Teeny Genie to put in my diaper bag for poolside this summer .

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  1. I”M going to order one for my daughter. It looks and sounds like it really works. Thank You

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