Squooshi Reusable Pouches

mommyblog2 literacy luau 023  These are great pouches for on the go foods or mess free eating!

“Reusable pouches Good, Clean, Fun”- Squooshi

They come in a perfect little bag so I do not loose the green tops that come with the pouches

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They come in 2 different sizes and you can buy a variety pack of the 2 different sizes ( that’s what I did). You never know how much you need to put into your Squooshi ( a snack or meal)

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They are so easy to use and to clean. I use them for Mia to put her yogurt in, a smoothie, pudding or applesauce.

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As you can see they are easy for the kids to handle and whether they are at home or on the go, Squooshi pouches make it easier for us Momees.

I love products that are like an extra hand in helping us with our Momee duties throughout the day.

Also “Squooshi was started by a father-daughter team, Shannon Wren Waldis and Noel Wren, who were inspired to create a well-designed reusable food pouch that would be helpful to parents, fun for kids of all ages, and better for our environment!” I love their story and their product

The pouch foods can get expensive and these are so simple and easy to use its a no brainer. Buy your own Squooshi pouches for your little ones by going to Amazon or their website Squooshi

They even have a Facebook page : Squooshi

I recommend this product for all my fellow Momees and their little ones ; )

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