Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers & Preschoole​rs by Bridget A. Barnes and Steven M. York

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Some days are great and some days you want to pull your hair out and crawl under a pillow and cry it out: This is parenting! but you will make it through… ( We will make it through )

Wish there was a step by step guide or map to the perfect world of parenting? Well there is no perfect rules or guide for being a parent but this is a great reference.

Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoole​rs by Bridget A. Barnes and Steven M. York

A great book for any parent; from start to finish you can relate to the situations in this book.

Toddlers test limits and are learning about the world around them. We as parents need to realize that as our children grow we can expect a little more from them but overall we need to set reasonable expectations.

Throughout the book I could relate emotionally a lot to what was said. Mia is getting into the ” terrible twos stage” and I will be approaching her behaviors with a lot of the techniques that are discussed in this book.

I feel this book is a must read and I am so happy I borrowed it from my local library but after reading it I will be purchasing it.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

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