Cardboard Box Car

Mia loves getting boxes in the mail. What kid doesn’t ( or Momee for that matter! ) ?

Why not turn your box into a car for your kids to enjoy. : )

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We received a box from the Disney store and Mia put her Pluto dog right I and was pushing him around her room.

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My Momee lightbulb went off in my head and I decided to make her a car ( the best I could out of materials around the house).

I love to recycle and reuse items.

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I used styrofoam plates to make the front headlights and the steering wheel

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I used construction paper and makers to make the license plate and the gear controls. I also used paper towel rolls to make the stick shift.

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Once of course I made it into the car she no longer wanted to play with it but we will keep it around till she does.

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Have fun making your cardboard box car with your little one.

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