Peapod Delivery to your home

I highly recommend Peapod its easy, convenient shopping that you can do from your home computer or handheld device ( with their app )

 I feel there are times that we do not have the time to get to the grocery store but we really need things, so have them delivered at a time that is convenient for you. We all can not be in Super Momee mode all the time.

The food quality is exceptional, I don’t think I could pick put better meat or produce myself. I love Stop & Shop and I love them even more for their Peapod service.

Did I mention you can use coupons too and there are web specials as well. It is a no brainer… Peapod delivery is amazing and affordable with its low shipping rates!

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Mia loves helping me put away the groceries. And taste testing the food before all the groceries are away : )

Grocery Shopping sometimes can be a hassle but Peapod makes it easy.

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Also I feel I tend to buy the things I need instead of browsing through the isles and getting the stuff I really don’t need. I barely ever forget anything because I am looking into my fridge and cabinets when I am browsing through the isles on Peapod  Ipad App that is FREE to download.

Give Peapod a try and I am sure they have great deals for you if you are a first time shopper of Peapod!

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