Pipe Cleaners Magnetic Bottle

Oh how I love Science and any kid any age will love this

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A magnet outside a water bottle will move pipe cleaners around inside the bottle.

My sister in law told me about this and then I Saw this on Play & Learn Everyday blog and had to try it

All you need is:

Water Bottle or any bottle you have

Pipe Cleaners cut up into smaller pieces

Magnet ( I used one from a fridge magnet it worked but not as strong )

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It really worked! It was so exciting : )

I am going to go out and buy a stronger magnet and try and lift the whole bottle with the pipe cleaners in it.

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We had a great time playing with Mia’s Grandma ( My mother in law) and the magnet bottle.

Fun Fun Fun and lots of hugs and kisses. Mia loves her time playing with her Grandma.

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