Momee Poll: Raising a Boy or Girl which is easier?

A question that all Momees ask one another so I decided to do a poll and we will see what the majority says

From your Momee experience which is easier to raise a boy or a girl?

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3 thoughts on “Momee Poll: Raising a Boy or Girl which is easier?

  1. boys are easier to raise then girls because they don’t cry over every little thing and can amuse themselves with the smallest thing.

  2. I would say boys are harder when they are a baby. Cleaning all the little man parts can be tough and I felt my daughter slept better than he did. I feel every kid is different but from my experience even with the stages ( such as terrible twos) my daughter was easier.) Ask me again when they are teenagers lol

  3. my son is way easier than my daughter!!! from day one my daughter has given me grief,nothing in this world makes her happy at all,i pray everyday for her,shes so difficult with eating n changing n everything,my son has been through severe medical problems and surgery n still is such a easy happy baby,even from watching kids for a living all the boys are easy and the girls are so difficult

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