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A Local Long Island Author who has published two books of An Anne Tillery Mystery Series so far:

The Madonna Ghost and Girl with Pencil, Drawing with Illustrations by Marianna Savage

Both books are available on, and

I got the pleasure of interviewing Linda Maria Frank recently after I met her at the Connetquot Literacy Luau in May.

She is great to talk to and considers herself a storyteller not a writer ( because “she has editors who help her sound even more betterer” ). She made me smile the entire interview and her storytelling kept me engaged the entire interview.

Linda was born in Queens but has lived on Long Island her entire life. She has one son and a step-grandson who she loves very much.

Linda was not always a writer (and English class was not one of her favorites in school growing up). She loved Science and taught science to Middle school and High school students.

I asked Linda: ” What did you enjoy the most about teaching teenagers?”

Linda Maria Frank: ” I loved teaching teenagers they have their own opinions and they are turning into young adults. It is a tough stage for them being a teenager; they are establishing independence from their parents. I feel for some it can be painful and fearful becoming a young adult and breaking away from their dependence on mom and dad.”

What books are your favorite?

Linda Maria Frank: ” I never liked to read until I read the Nancy Drew books. Nancy Drew was my favorite book series and still is today.”

What inspires you to write?

Linda Maria Frank: ” My inspiration comes from life experiences and what I enjoy to do. For instance, The Madonna Ghost takes place on Fire Island ( I worked at the Fire Island Lighthouse) and I was intrigued by all the shipwreck stories. I also enjoy the beach and sailing which you will see included in the story. The beach can be the most enjoyable and beautiful to experience but can be scary at times as well. I also do a lot of research when I write and try to incorporate the research into my fictional Annie Tillery mystery series.”

* Linda told me a story about when she worked at the Fire Island Lighthouse: She took a young man on a rather not nice day out to the top of the lighthouse to look out. He told her he wanted to go to the lighthouse to look out and see where his friend Ty had died. Linda had asked him his friend Ty’s last name. He told her and she knew his parents and had known of this young man Ty. She had always like the name Ty ( who is the character in The Madonna Ghost ). This mans friend had died one night when he was out on his boat near the Lighthouse. He must of tripped over something and ended up in the water and had drowned. Its amazing how she happened to be there the day he came to look out and she knew Ty’s parents as well. *

Where did the idea of The Madonna Ghost come from? 

Linda Maria Frank: ” Working at the Fire Island lighthouse I knew of the history of Fire Island with all the shipwrecks and this character of a mother (victim of a shipwreck came into my mind). The Madonna (“meaning mother”) Ghost is running up and down the beach looking for someone to help her baby after the shipwreck. This is a fictional ghost that Linda has made up for her book

Will there be more books in the near future to the Annie Tillery series?

Linda Maria Frank: ” The two books in the series are available for purchase now ( The Madonna Ghost was published in 2009). They are available as books, Ebooks, and Digital Audio books. I am in the process of editing book #3 that will hopefully be out by the end of the year. I am going with the flow but the idea for Book #4 is there as well. “

* When you purchase the Madonna Ghost Linda donates a $1 for every book sold to The INN a wonderful organization on Long Island that is dedicated to serving the hungry and homeless.*

How did you get involved with your television program The Writers Dream?

Linda Marie Frank: ” In August of 2011 I was at an Author Day in Riverhead and a man approached me with his idea of a TV program known as the Thinking Writer. I loved the idea and we agreed to changing the name to the Writers Dream. We do about 3 shows/ month that air on Cablevisions Local Access ( Channel 20). In the Woodbury area it airs on Mondays @ 8:30am, and in Riverhead area on Mondays @ 3pm and in the Islandia area on Tuesdays @ 8am.  I have interviewed over 50 authors since I started the show and look forward to interviewing so many more.”

I encourage all of you to purchase her books and check out her show The Writers Dream. Linda not only is a wonderful Long Island author but an inspiring and motivational woman. I look forward to getting to know her more and after you read her books you will be looking forward to the next books as well. They are wonderfully written and easy reads full of enjoyment and mystery.

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