Homemade 1 Ingredient Banana Ice cream

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All you need is ripe bananas to make this delicious ice cream.

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First cut the bananas into slices and put them into ziplock bags.

Place in freezer for at least 2 hours but  the ice cream is more creamy the longer you leave in the freezer up to 24 hours.

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Once frozen place the bananas in food processor and allow the bananas to blend till you have your perfect ice cream consistency!

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I love this ice cream and if you want your kids to love bananas this is the best way to get them to eat them. What kid doesn’t love ice cream?
Momees love to indulge too but what if I told you this is 0 points on Weight Watchers. Yup 0 points : ) enjoy a treat the whole family will love.

I saw this on Disney Junior the other day with Mia and I knew I had to try this.

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6 thoughts on “Homemade 1 Ingredient Banana Ice cream

  1. Sounds delicious and so incredibly easy to make. I’ll no longer hesitate buying extra bananas when they’re on sale. Will have my very own banana ice cream all ready when the grandkids come over… Of course, I’ll indulge myself every now and then, too. WOW! THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIP. Bette

  2. I never know what to do with those really ripe bananas… now I do! My kids are going to love this and I love anything that can go with my weight watchers diet

  3. We made this tonight. I left the kids choose toppings. We tried strawberries, strawberry syrup, chocolate milk powder, peanut butter and nuts. All were great! Made it seem like real sundaes.

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