How to keep the spark alive in your marriage with kids

Marriage is not easy and with kids around life can be hectic and we can forget “us time”

It is important to make time for you and your spouse to keep the spark ignited in your relationship.

I recently had a local Momee ask me for suggestions on how to continue the romance going when life is so busy ( especially with young children )

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For Mike and I:

*We set up date night in the house on a Friday night once Mia goes to sleep. We relax on the couch, order in, and either order a movie on demand or catch up on some DVR shows.

*We always kiss each other hello and goodbye and text each other or call each other throughout the day just to say “I love You” and “I am thinking about you”

*Also having friends and family over is important to us to have some adult conversation and enjoy the people we love so much company.

* Surprise one another with cute love notes (hidden in lunchbox) or surprise each other with a small gift. Little things to say , ” I love you”

*And trying to find time for a date night (which comes rarely throughout the year)

I am open to any other ideas… please share what you and your spouse do to keep the spark in your relationship.

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2 thoughts on “How to keep the spark alive in your marriage with kids

  1. My husband and I really look forward to ” our time ” when the kids to bed every night. It might only be for an hour but we sit together and talk , have a yummy snack together and just relax ! We both need to decompress together from the day.
    Every once in a blue moon we will actually go out to dinner together. It’s very rare that it happens now with both kids. Our ” fantasy ” date is to have an entire 24 hours together KID-LESS ! We are still working on when that’s going to happen and who’s watching them. But it is so important to plan for ourselves to do these things. So very important for you marriage. x

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