Painting with Mud

I went to my local library with Mia and they had a kids program called “Dig In” that we signed up for

There was very cool activities to do with rocks and dirt that all the kids seemed to enjoy

One activity Mia loved and we did it again and I wanted to share the idea with all of you is… Painting with Mud!

mudpigs 006mudpigs 015

Yes Mud! One of the most inexpensive paint ideas I have come across and what kid doesn’t love mud?

If it hasn’t rained and you need mud just put some water and dirt together and mix them together

mudpigs 005

I printed a black and white pig from  the computer —-> Pig

and made a few copies for Mia to paint on.

mudpigs 001 mudpigs 007

I laid them out on the concrete outside and let her paint the pigs as little or as much as she wanted to.

With an older child you can teach them about pigs and that they roll around in mud on a hot day to stay cool.

And with a child like Mia you can ask her the parts of the Pig such as the nose, ears, and tail. Or even spell the words PIG and MUD.

This is a great hands on learning activity.

mudpigs 010

I am excited to hear if your child loved doing this activity as much as Mia did.

mudpigs 015

How dirty did your pig get in the mud?

Have fun fellow Momees

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6 thoughts on “Painting with Mud

  1. She is very talented. She reminds me of what it was to be a child. Full of possibilities, full of optimism and endless creativity. Thanks for sharing a post that makes us remember of the many memories that brought joy into our lives. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much! Mia has so much creativity waiting to burst out with every art project we do. I love being a Momee for so many reasons one of the top reasons is being able to relive my childhood with my newest best friend… my daughter.

  2. what library do you belong to? my library did the same program! (we go to mcpl) kids had a BLAST!! and it was a super hot day that day so getting wet at the water tables to “clean” off was just as much fun 🙂

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