Disney Super Buddies – Movie Review and Craft

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Rated G

Disney Super Buddies did not make it to theatres but was released on DVD and Blue Ray on August 27th, 2013

If you watch Disney Channel or Disney Junior you have probably seen the adorable commercial of these super puppies.

The movie was very cute, and Mia enjoyed it. Has Disney come out with better movies? Of course!

Is it the best dog movie available? No

However, the story is very cute and I enjoyed watching it with Mia.

It has a great story message that ” You don’t need Super Powers to be a Super Hero ” and I think that is so true.

Every child can do anything they put their mind to and this movie conveys that message very well.

This Momee says watch the movie! It is cute, how could it not be? It has puppies in it dressed as super heros.

Your child may want to be a super hero just like the super buddies!

Get an old t-shirt and make your own cape for your child or your family dog with my easy craft: Superhero Cape

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