The Miracle League

The Miracle League of Long Island is a non competitive baseball league for children with disabilities. Each player gets the opportunity to bat every inning and hits the ball off a ” T” or are pitched to.  The player then hits a HOMERUN and scores for their team!

The event will help keep this program FREE for the families as well as raise money to expand the program across Long Island.

Event Location: Pennysaver Amphitheater


– See more at: Walk for a Miracle



The back bone of this program are the BUDDIES.  BUDDY stands for, Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves YOU!  Each BUDDY is assigned to a player.  The BUDDY helps the player at bat and then helps them navigate around the bases to score a HOMERUN.  After the player has their turn at bat, the BUDDY heads out to the field for a little fun while working with the players and keeping them safe.

If you would like to walk for this amazing cause please do so —–> click here and fill out the form and Thank You for your support!

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