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“The Mission of The Anthony V. Mannino Foundation is to financially assist young adults in the age group of (18-28) while they are undergoing their cancer treatment.  We also want to help development support programs to aid this unique age group, with their special needs, as they battle cancer. “

We found that Anthony’s age group of 18 plus, doesn’t have the emotional or financial support that other age groups do. We are also aware of the unique situations that this age group faces and want to help those adolescents and their families. Some of the unique problems that present themselves with this age group are:

  • They must stay a full time student to be enrolled in their parent’s health insurance. Chemotherapy and Radiation makes it impossible to feel well enough to take the four courses needed to be a full time student.  
  • Lack of psychological help and support. There wasn’t a trained psychiatrist on staff to help Anthony deal with his prognosis.  Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and lack of sleep, are just a few of the affects of being given such a terrible diagnosis/prognosis.
  • There are Fertility issues. It is important that the patient knows they have the opportunity to have a family. The opportunity to have their sperm/eggs stored should be available to these young adults. Psychologically it gives the patient the hope they need to “fight” knowing they may still have the opportunity to have children.
  • This age group should not have to be part of the general population in the hospital.  It isn’t good for them, psychologically, to be placed with an older generation, or end-of-life patients, while they are receiving their treatment.
  • They should have the right to as many doctor’s opinions as needed, and they should have access to physicians who are qualified in the adolescent age group.
  • There should be support groups, specific to this age group, and they should be made available, on the on-set, to these courageous, young adults.
  • There is a need for financial support while this age group is undergoing their treatment.  While Anthony had the full support of his family and friends, many young adults don’t have that, due to a lack of family or being financially independent.  There are tremendous costs to Cancer and not every family or young adult has the means to afford all the costs that Cancer brings.  

These are just a few of the situations that we and Anthony had to deal with, all the while trying to give all of our time and energy to the care of our son.”

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