Mia’s First Week of School

Every once in a while I like to post a personal story about Mike, Mia and I.

I thought I would share Mia’s first two days of school with all of you.

firstdayschool 002 firstdayschool 020

Mia could not be more excited to start her first day of “school”.

It is a 2 hour program two days a week that she gets to be with other kids her age and get used to being away from mommy and daddy and be with a teacher and other kids.

I guess you could say she is going to Pre-Pre K.   : )

She grabbed her Sofia backpack and Pluto and raced to the door and then raced to the car.

firstdayschool 003firstdayschool 008

She was excited too because her best friend Krysta is in the class and she loves her so much.

We met in the parking lot and the girls raced to the door of their “school”.

firstdayschool 011firstdayschool 017

They both were so excited to start their first day.

I didn’t know how Mia was going to react with me not staying there for her class. I kissed her bye-bye and she went off and played.

She loved school on her first day and she was excited to go back on her second day.

Again, she waved goodbye and blew me a kiss and went off to play with her friends. I can not believe she is such a big girl now.

The teacher asked if they could bring in their favorite thing to show to the class. Naturally, I think Pluto. I ask Mia the morning of class what is your favorite thing?

She points to our cat Norman and smiles. Now, I know I can’t bring a kitty to her class so I put their picture on construction paper for Mia to show the class.

Her first show and tell ( as I wipe a tear from my eye ), I really can’t believe how fast time flies.

miadoc1stproj 005

When I picked her up she was all smiles and could not wait to show me her project she had made. These projects are the best and I know it’s the first of many but this one will always be special.

I love being a Momee!

miadoc1stproj 004

Do you remember your child’s first day of school or project? What was their reaction? What was yours?

They say its tougher on the parents…. I think they are right!

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  1. my daughter walk right in and joined the group and i walked away crying and missing her so much and couldn’t wait to go pick her up.

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