Turkey Hat

Mia had school yesterday and when I picked her up she was wearing this adorable Turkey Hat!

Mia and her best friend Krysta were gobbling all over the parking lot. They were the cutest little Turkeys I have ever seen.

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I did not make another one at home but this Turkey hat is simple enough to make.

All you need is construction paper, Elmer’s Glue. and crayons!


Make the Turkey feathers by tracing your hand on a red piece of construction paper and an orange piece of construction paper.


Using the brown construction paper make a wide band ( to go around their head) and let your child doodle on that piece with their crayons.

Also make a Turkey head shape with the brown construction paper.

Draw 2 eyes with black crayon. Use yellow construction paper to make a beak and red to make the snood that hangs from the turkey beak.

Attach the pieces together as shown below.


Next, using the brown construction paper make two long bands for the legs and using orange construction paper make the turkey feet.

Fold the brown bands like an accordion and attach to the side of the large band.

turkeyleg turkeylegs

Once you have glued all your pieces together then you have completed an adorable Turkey hat for your little turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving…. GOBBLE GOBBLE!


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