Snowman Bean Bag

This is a fun craft to do in the Winter with your kids.


I love crafts made with socks… they are so much fun to craft with!

All you need to make this craft is a white long sock, dried beans ( I got my bag from the local dollar store), a bandana or old t-shirt or fabric scrappings to make the scarf, buttons, pom poms, rubber bands, wiggly eyes, one very small piece of orange foam paper, sharpie marker, scissors and a hot glue gun.


First, fill the bottom of your sock with beans.

Tie one section off with a rubber band ( make sure this section is round and big since it will be the bottom of your snowman).

Next, fill the sock again with beans making it a little smaller and tie it off with a rubber band. ( this will be the head of your snowman).


You will take the remaining part of the sock and cut it off.


The piece of sock you just cut off turn it inside out.

IMG_9592 IMG_9594

This is going to be your snowman’s hat. place it on top of the top section of the snowman and hot glue it down.


Mia helped me pick out the green pom pom and we hot glued that to the end of our hat.


Now it’s time to make the snowman scarf. I used a red bandana but you can use whatever fabric you want and tie it around your snowman’s neck.


I then hot glued 3 buttons down his belly.


Mia loves picking out buttons to use for our crafts : )


Next we added more pom poms around the rim of his hat.

Hot glued Wiggly Eyes, a carrot shaped (orange foam piece) for the nose. 


The last step was to make our snowman smile and using our Sharpie marker we drew his mouth.


Mia loved playing with her Snowman bean bag and I am sure your child will love theirs, too.


Happy Holiday Crafting from one Momee to another! 

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    1. That’s a great idea Jen! Wait till you see what we are making today I will be posting it in the next day or two stay tuned! I will be using your idea of the white bean too… I love other Momee input, it is much appreciated!

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